2075 The Year, Best Forgotten

May 23, 2019

The year 2075 turned out to be much worse than 2074. Despite having 2-3 releases every week, there just handful of movies which either made profit or were appreciated by the critics. With every passing year, the quality of Nepali cinema seems to be degrading. Most of the makers are churning out sequels of even unsuccessful movies, while some try on different subjects but with half baked scripts or amateurish direction.

It has become tradition by Deepak Raj & Deepa gang to release sequel of Chakka Panja every year to cash in Dashian & Tihar festiv mood. With Chakka Panja 3, the team definitely tried to focus more on prevailing problems of government schools in villages than slapstick comedy. As usual it became the highest grossing movie of the year.

When good story meets natural actors then movies like Pandit Bajeko Lauri are being made showcasing the true lifestyle of Nepal’s villages. A joyride ‘catch me if you can’ comedy Changa Chet is another fun movie which release in 2075. Prasad starring Namrata Shrestha, Bipin & Nischal was another good social drama of the year.

Most of releases this year were complete crap. The year saw Aryan Sigdel’s Kaira, Pooja Sharma’s horror comedy Ram Kahani, Nazir & Keki’s romantic comedy Rajja Rani, etc which couldn’t charm the audience and critics alike. Despite some trying to make different cinema like Naakaa, most producers and directors were busy rehashing old bollywood movies giving duds like Kohalpur Express (ripped off of Mumbai Express), Katha Kathmandu (ripped off from Dus Kahaniyan), etc. This year saw more than 97% failure in the industry.

Unless, the writers and directors promote good story, more and more producers will lose money and leave the industry. Audience don’t flock to see cinematic beauty of Nepal or foreign locales any more. ¬†Unless the tight bound script is coupled with good acting, people will not run towards theaters. There are lot of OTT platforms already which is giving Nepali audience exposure to world cinema. So if Nepali cinema want to sustain, they will have compete now with world cinema.