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Apabad (2012)

Apabad is a story of Suyog who dreams to be a writer of a novel. Being a student of business, his father however wants him to start a job in a bank and start making good sum of money. One of his best friend and one-sided love, Sunanda, had the similar suggestion to him. But, he desires to be a writer and make a career as a novel writer. His dream prevails and he decided to oppose his father’s dream of making him a banker. Suyog wanted to go to the UK to study but, he later found that the college he enrolled was one of the blacklisted colleges. The overwhelming frustration caused him to try suicide by jumping into a river. After he jumped into the river, he was washed to a bank where there aren’t any people in the nearby vicinity. Away from technology and the crowd, he was left to do whatever he likes. To know, what happened to Suyog, his suicide attempt, and the budding writer within him it is worthwhile to visit the theater and know first-hand.

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