Battle Royal on Nepali New Year 2079

April 8, 2022

Nepali cinema has witnessed thousands of release clashes, be it among Nepali movies or against big Bollywood or Hollywood movies. Coming weekend one of the most anticipated youth romantic movie; Ye Mero Hajur 4 is scheduled to release. The movie made on estimated budget of above 3 Crore had been canned for almost a year due to pandemic. Finally the wait is over and will be releasing on Nepali New Year 2079, the very same sequel of KGF, a South Indian dubbed movie will also be hitting the screens. KGF 1 had humongous run not only within India, but had excellent collection in Nepal too. Trying to cash in the craze, Nepali distributor have paid above 3 Crore for all Nepal rights of the movie. While major Nepali movies are still been made under 1-2 Crore, paying for distribution rights above 3 Crore, that too for a south Indian dubbed movie is something which has been never heard of. But, looking at the recent Box Office collection of RRR, which has already grossed above 10 Crore in Nepal, the gamble might pay off to the distributor.

Clashing with ‘KGF 2’ was already on the cards for Ye Mero Hajur 4, but another Bollywood movie has been announced only last to be released on the same day. Starring Shahid Kapoor ‘Jersey’ which incidentally is also remake of South Indian movie will also be releasing in Nepal. While the makers of ‘Ye Mero Hajur 4’ were already fighting for screens in major multiplexes within the Valley will now find tough to get enough shows after announcement of ‘Jersey’.

Once again we get to see no support from the industry for the Nepali movie.
Why we need to release Bollywood or Hollywood movie on the same day when it releases in India or around the world ?
Why don’t Nepal Film Board and Censor Board delay the release of any international movie by at least 3 days, so that Nepali movie will get some kind of breather. Unless the board or government intervene and formulate new policies it will be difficult for Nepali movies to get even decent release in coming days.