Bye Bye 2074

April 15, 2018

Happy New Year 2075 B.S. to all viewers. Lets hope the year will bring out more creative and entertaining cinema than last year.
2074 BS in totality can be considered at most as mediocre in terms of good and entertaining cinema. Only a handful of cinema were successful at the box office, even those who made money cannot be termed as good cinema. Though there had been many experimental cinema’s last year in terms of content but poor execution or incoherent screenplay failed those movies. Lets hope this new year we will see not just big budget movies with Rara, Mustang locales but with good story and screenplay too.

The year started with Ghampani, Love and revolt story and ended with Shatru Gate another comedy romance starring some of the biggest names in comedy arena. The biggest blockbuster of the year was as usual the sequel Chakka Panja 2 which became second highest grossing Nepali Cinema. A social comedy satire on current generation youth’s fascination of leaving Nepal and moving to Australia by hook or crook has been well depicted in the movie. The year  saw release of Anmol K.C.’s Kri, which turned out to be an average fare. The year also saw comeback of 90s hero Ramesh Uprety as producer and actor in Aishwarya, but the movie turned out to be moderate success. The movie was lauded for its technical excellence and cinematography. Yesteryear’s actress Jharana Thapa also took into direction with A Mero Hajur 2 which gave new heartthrob ‘Salin Man Bania’ to Nepali youth.

The song which rocked the nation in 2074 was Kutu Ma Kutu Supari Dana from the movie Dui Rupiya, though the movie didn’t perform well at the box office. Few notable movies which created a buzz last year were Pradeep Khadka & Priyanka Karki’s Lily Billy, Priyanka & Saugat’s Fateko Jutta, Pradeep Khadka’s romantic musical Prem Geet 2, Paul & Pooja’s Ma Yesto Geet Gaauchu, etc.