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Dreams (2016)

The film starts with the death of Aveer’s father during the saving of a kid from a truck accident. Aveer is a millionaire and claims that he has no interest in love. Some boys chase a girl who successfully escapes from them and enters a basketball ring, where she encounters the boss of the gang, and they try to rape her. At the critical moment, Aveer enters the scene and saves her by defeating them.
Aveer attends his first conference in his own Fulbari Hotel and Spa in Pokhara, which his father had owned. Aveer now becomes the chairperson of the resort and spa. On the same night, Aveer and his friends drink in a bar club. Aveer sees Kavya, dancing. He then tries to pick a line with her, and is embarrassed by her and her friends. The two face each other several times followed by words of hatred. Gradually, their hatred changes into love. Kavya works as an accountant in his resort. The two start to love each other and spend time together. Kavya was an orphan and she always visited her orphanage.
One day, Aveer had a dream that she died in a car accident. He claimed that his dreams always come true. He had also seen his father’s death in a dream. After seeing a doctor, he gets advice to stay away from traffic and cars and the location where the accident had taken place in his dream.
He and Kavya go to a silent place where they are away from work. They stay there for some weeks until Aveer’s depression vanishes. Then they return to their home. On Kavya’s birthday, they stop at a place where Kavya goes to buy some roses. Aveer gets out of his car. Kavya comes out with roses in her hands and gives one to a kid. It was the same place which Aveer had seen in his car accident dream. Aveer realizes this, and when Kavya crosses the road, Aveer sacrifices his life and saves her from an accident.
Aveer’s death takes place on Kavya’s birthday. The film ends in a scene where Kavya sings a song in a crowd, which was her dream.

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