Published on March 12th, 2020 | by Music Nepal

Sahara (2011)

‘Sahara’ is a Nepali Feature Film that is a comedy with romance and hatred. The romance between the lovers is tested due to social pressures and responsibilities that comes before their love affairs.

Rekha Thapa and Ramit Dhunguna plays the roles of siblings and Dilip Rayamajhi plays Rekha Thapa’s lover. However, Dilip Rayamajhi is a crook as he only pretends to love Rekha to get revenge for his dead sister who had committed suicide because Ramit refused to marry her when she got pregnant and was afraid of being called a stigma of society. Hence, Rekha who is heartbroken by such actions leaves home. She is helped by Biraj Bhatt who is always by her side and supports her in everything that she does.

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