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Utsav (2014)

Utsav is the story of four friends Zimba, Kaji, Urvashi, Nisha and Naren. They all study together and they share every moments of their life together. Zimba is passionate on music and singing. He plays at a pub in Thamel every evening. Kaji and Urvashi are like Tom and Jerry, always fighting on small things. Naren falls in love with Nisha. Their life goes with full fun and enjoyment. When Zimba’s mother passes, he takes the responsibility of his step brother. Zimba’s step brother had a blood cancer and to save him for longer time he should manage atleast ten thousand per day for his treatment. His father doesn’t support him so he sells his composition to one rich guy named as Raunak who wants to become popular. While having fun Naren satires Zimba about his personal life due to which they had a fight and Zimba gets out of contact. Kaji also leaves for America and Nisha and Naren gets married. When Kaji returns from America after two years he finds Zimba’s songs becoming blockbuster but it has been sung by someone else. So he tries to find out the mystery behind this and search Zimba. Will he be able to find out his friend Zimba? Where is Zimba and what happened to him and his step brother? To know all these you have to go to the theater and watch Utsav.

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