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Lappan Chappan (2017)

Lappan Chhappan,[2] is a Nepali gangster film directed by Mukunda Bhatta and produced by Damber Bahadur Chand and co-produced by Indra Prasad Kharel.In the capital city of Nepal, two young hackers are living their life until they meet with Baby (Barsa Siwakoti), whose purse and car they have stolen. Baby gives them work to hack the account of a mafia named Baka (Saugat Malla) who is also the boyfriend of Baby. In another part of story it is shown there is a local goon named Chamero (Arpan Thapa). Chamero is gay and has his special worker named Raju. And he has another reporter worker Mr. Tamang (Dayahang Rai). But actually Tamang is inspector and is ordered by police to join the Chamero gang and bring Baka into the jail.

And in this way the story goes on and in the climax Baby is killed by Chamero and Baka goes to jail, Tamang gets promotion and the two hackers are rich by getting all Baka’s money. The two hackers phonecall Tamang and make fun of him. But Tamang replies with the statement that “the dangerous game is about to begin”.

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