When Shit Hits the Fan

February 27, 2022

How bad can thing go wrong ?

The making and release of ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu 2’ is real testament of the same.

After success of ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu’ which released in 2017, the same team of director and actors once again geared up for the sequel. Director Sudarshan Thapa is known for glossy romantic movies with dollops of emotions, like late 90s and early 2000s Karan Johar. Be it his early movies like ‘Mero Euta Saathi Cha’ or ‘Prem Geet’ he loves his canvas and actors to look dazzling, picturesque without caring much about budget. Sames goes for the Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu 2. He left no stone un-turned to make the movie along with his co-producer and actress of the movie ‘Pooja Sharma’. There were lot of hardships during the shooting of the movie, be it date conflicts with Paul or delays while shooting. Even in post production, many things didn’t come out as expected so had to do some re-shoots increasing the budget of the movie.

Ultimately when movie was ready for release pandemic hit the nation and the movie got canned. After first lock down, when things were getting normal the makers waited a while for other movie releases to test the water, unfortunately most Nepali fared terribly one had not more than 10 people on the opening day. Disheartened makers planned to release after a month or two targeting the festive season, unfortunately second phase of covid once again spoiled their plan.

The makers didn’t give up. They waited and further planned new marketing campaigns. For the first time in Nepali cinema we got to see promotional videos targeting different ethnic groups; Tharus & Newars spreading message of unity along side appealing people to watch their movie.

The grand premiere of the movie was planned fpr 23rd Feb 2022, 2 days ahead of official nationwide release, at Kritipur Cineplex. Everything was looking grand, something we had only seen on Hollywood or Bollywood red carpet premiers. While preparing for premiere was going on full swing, destiny had one more blow for the makers. On the same day while whole team were getting geared up to attend the evening premiere, a police complaint was filed against the lead actor of the movie ‘Paul Shah’. Police warrant has already been released for his arrest in the case involving rape of a minor.

What would you do when shit hits the fan ?

Run away ! That’s what the actor did.
But the team, Like its said; the show must go on. The brave heart team went to the premiere, interacted with the guests and concluded the premiere successfully, despite getting emotional.

Finally, the jink which tested each and every member of the movie team was broken. The movie got awesome response both from the audience and critics. Single screens has been running house full packed shows since Friday. The box office collection reports outside valley has been humongous and same goes for the valley screens. The multiplex within the major cities including capital too has encouraging collection, but still not up to ‘Chakka Panja’ mark. Finally after so many hardships, makers have got some kind of breather with the collection.