Mega Blockbuster – Chakka Panja (2016)

January 13, 2017

The biggest blockbuster in the history of Nepali Cinema, Chakka Panja is finally online. One of the finest example of socio-comedy, the movie stars the gang of popular comedy sitcom – ‘Tito Satya’ along with Priyanka Karki, Barsha Raut, Namrata and more. The movie grossed over 20 Crore worldwide and is the biggest grosser till date by wide margin. If we look into Nepali cinema history there are very few milestones. The black and white had very few movies like Aama, Man Ko Bandh, Paral Ko Aago, etc. Then came era of Bhuvan K.C. & Shiva Shrestha with Jeevan Rekha, Kusume Rumal. Since early 90s, new superstar was born in the industry Rajesh Hamal churning out innumerable social action movies.  It was only late 2000s Sano Sanar & Loot changed the cinema audience spectrum itself. Finally, urban youth also started watching handful of Nepali movies who were then addicted to Bollywood/Hollywood/Korean movies.

This 2016 movie, Chakka Panja for once brought people back into theaters. The movie ran packed for more than 100 days in many places. Be it class or mass, youth or old everyone loved the movie. It was not just domestic market, Chakka Panja bolstered the overseas market. Movies like ‘Loot’ & Kabbadi’ had started gaining popularity with Nepalese audience overseas. ‘Chakka Panja’ further expanded the business. There were shows going in all the major states of USA,  Europe, Australia, etc.  Nepalese living abroad started looking forward to even Nepalese movie releases.


Hats off to the cast and crew of the Chakka Panja Team, we look forward for more and more of such movies.