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Pashupati Prasad (2016)

The film features struggle of a poor guy who lost his parents in Earthquake, comes to Kathmandu to earn his living and pay off the debt own by his late father.The young Pashupati Prasad (Khagendra Lamicchane) is irate about his name given by the Meet Uncle (Praksh Ghimire) and teased by his friends. Pashupati’s parents give birth after visiting Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu.

After the earthquake of April 2015 and his parents killed, the investor urges Pashupati to pay the loan taken and threatens to take the field. Pashupati, now a grownup and determined to pay back the debts, moves to Kathmandu. He meets Meet Uncle, a ghate in Pashupatinath and drunkard, who after several ignorance, takes Pashupati to his shelter.

Pashupati needs a work to earn money and the Bhasme Don (Bipin Karki) doesn’t want him to interfere in the daily tasks. Bhasme bullies the innocent Pashupati but is afraid of the Hanuman Ji (Rabindra Singh Baniya). Pashupati befriends Hanuman Ji, who earns money by taking photographs with the visitors. Similarly due to his helpful nature, he meets Aama, who is left by her children and lives in Briddhashram. He respects her like his mother and even gives his daily collection for saving.

Pashupati sees Bunu (Barsha Siwakoti) during the photograph session with Hanuman Ji and falls in love.
Pashupati is recruited by local dealer and sent again to collect happy wheels demo wood with Bhasme Don. Bhasme tries to find a way out to kick out Pashupati and is able to convince while making Marijuana by the dealer. Pashupati is again recruited to sell the Sarees which gives him little more money than his previous assignments.

During the course, he meets a graduate who sells street food. Pashupati also want to sell street food and asks if he can get the stall. He then goes to take money from his saving only to find that Meet Uncle have used it for liquor. He is frustrated and goes to the banks of Bagmati. He gets the golden ring of the deceased person thrown and goes to sell it. But the shopkeepers don’t want to take it as he has no bill. Some try to give him mere cash but he refuses. The shopkeeper who he meets in the beginning of the cinema then accuses him of theft and the mob kills him.

In the climax of the scene, the Hanuman Ji is revealed to be the government officer who embezzled huge amount of money. Aama waits for the adopted son Pashupati to give her belongings instead of her own son. Bunu not knowing the unlikely death, wait desperately for the cheering and hardworking guy. Even Bhasme Don feels sorry for Pashupati. Meet Uncle pays the debt to the investor in the village.


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