Paul Shah and Samikshya Adhikari

February 27, 2022

For last one week Nepali cine industry has been rocked once again with new controversy, this time its not just mere juicy gossip but a legal and serious crime. The case as we all know by know is regarding model turned actor Paul Shah and singer Samikshya Adhikari. Samikshya who hasn’t turned eighteen yet has claimed her then boyfriend Paul Shah have raped her time and gain on the pre-text of marriage. As per Nepal’s law, having sex with anyone below eighteen with or without consent is considered as rape.

The series of audio tapes being released by both the parties trying to tarnish and negate each other has just escalated the matter. Whole industry is keep mum regarding the matter. While Paul has already summoned himself to the police after 4 days of report on 27th Feb 2021. He has been presented to court on the same day. Detail investigation will be done, while he will be in custody for next one week as per courts order.

As per the initial reports it looks like this is another case of love turned sour. While some of the media and ‘Paul’ fans are trying to paint ‘Samikshya’ as gold digger trying to rip off Paul, there is another set of people trying to portray ‘Paul’ not just as womanizer but pedophile too.
Only both ‘Paul’ & ‘Samikshya’ knows the real truth which we believe our police and legal system will soon unravel and do justice.