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Saino [1987]

In the film, Tripti( Tripti) is married to Bhuwan K.C.(Akaash) and they have a son (Binu). Being fed up with their life in other country they move to their own homeland. They live happily as one day when Akaash goes to city he meets this lady name Aasha. Slowly slowly they began to have illegitimate relationship. Suddenly a news comes to Tripti informing that her husband died in an accident and brings the dead body at the house. Lonely Tripti however tries to survive her life with Binu until Danny comes to stay at Tripti’s house. He develops a strong friendship with Binu. So in the society there is bad guy name Madan Babu who has an evil eye since he first met Tripti. Whatelse did he need after Tripti was alone. He tries to force Tripti to be his wife but couldn’t succeed as Dany stops him. This doesn’t stop Madan Babu so he tries to provoke the society people about their relationship and wants to kick Tripti out of village. Dany gives the village an answer and proves that Madan is a bad guy. The villagers beats up Madan and his fellows. While the old lady tells them they might have to face more Madan so it would be better if they get married to each other or else to leave the village. So as Dany is about to approach Tripiti, the police man comes and catch Dany telling Tripti, that he is the one who killed your husband. Shocked Dany didn’t know that Tripti is a wife of a guy whom he killed because he caught the guy and his wife Aasha making love with each other. Aasha happens to be the wife of Dany whom he kills as well for betraying him. Dany ask Tripti to forgive him and tells her how god has tricked his life and his soul mate betrayed him. After this he leaves the house. Heartbroken Tripti forgives him and wants him to return back as she says she and her son Binu will be waiting for him.

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