Showreel: Loot

October 27, 2015

The movie which changed the status of Nepali Cinema, Loot, was released in 2012 starring Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Karma Shakya, Reecha Sharma and Sushma Karki. Directed by Nischal Basnet, the crime thriller, Loot changed the people’s perception of Nepali cinema. During those days, people watching Nepali cinema were looked down upon by the consumers of Bollywood/Hollywood cinema. Makers of Nepali cinema made movies targeting ‘B’ & ‘C’ centers outside valley, even inside valley the movies were targeted to lower middle class or lower class working people. Loot for the first time targeted the urban youths as their major audience. With an estimated budget of below 1 Million Nepalese rupees (NPR), Loot grossed 52 million NPR at the box office, and won three National Film Awards.

Loot boasts of its tight script and much tighter screenplay with all natural dialogues. ‘Suspense Thriller’ is one of the toughest genre to crack, but Nischal has done so perfectly with this movie. The strong cast full of actors doing natural acting makes this movie more interesting. You don’t see any kind of theatrics, dream song sequences or unnecessary slapstick comedy inserted here and there. The movie broke the trend of linear story telling in Nepali cinema with its superb cinematography.

The movie made ‘Dayahang Rai’¬† overnight star. Industry found new natural star in him. ‘Saugat Malla’ was known as ‘Haku Kale’ than his name after the movie. Sushma Karki, who was playing third and fourth fiddle in Nepali movies¬† then, established herself as Item Queen of Nepali cinema. She started charging as much remuneration as an actress for just an item song in the movies. Indira Joshi who sang ‘Udherko Choli’ in the movie, says till date where ever she goes for concerts, the most requested song is always – ‘Udherko Choli’.