Showreel: Mukundo

August 27, 2020

Mukundo, Mask of Desire is a landmark movie released in 2000. Directed by Tsering Rhitar Sherpa, the movie starred Garui Malla & Mithila Sharma two of the best actress from Nepali cinema then. There are only handful of offbeat movies in Nepali cinema, Mukundo is first of them.

Inspired by a true incident, Mukundo is the story about a couple whose life turns upside down after seeking guidance from a Nepalese spiritual healer after the death of their baby boy.

“Mask of Desire” revels in exotic Nepali traditions and ceremonies. What happens when a women is stuck in dilemma of her desires and her shamanic obligations ? It is the myth-like quality of Mukundo, and the universal noble element in Gita the jhankrini ‘s drama, that allows you to project onto her the dilemma of all women torn between society’s constraints and their own human sexuality.

Looking back, Mukundo

The film was Nepal’s official selection for OSCAR in 2000. It was screened in many prestigious international film festivals like San Francisco International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, Goteborg International Film Festival, Fribourg International Film Festival, Fukuoka International Film Festival, Mumbai International Film Festival.