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Lazza (2014)

The movie is a story of the lead character Priya (played by Shilpa Pokharel). When Daya (played by Aryan Sigdel) saw Priya, she was his love at first sight. Daya’s attempt to find more about Priya went in vain until he accidently meets Priya’s mom (played by Mithila Sharma).

Although Daya and Priya became closer, their affair didn’t go any further and Priya didn’t want to commit. She later revealed how a simple girl Parbati or Priya became Ashma, a call girl. She told about all the hardships and pressure she went through. I wouldn’t like to reveal what happens to the love story after she revealed the truth. Will Daya marry Priya? What do the friends and family suggest Daya to do? What was the reason behind Priya to become a prostitute?

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